“Pinching” Tips


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Plants feeling under the weather? Try Aspirin!


Germination Tips

For fresh seed or old seeds, we use pinto bean juice. We first soak dried pinto beans in PH water for 24 hours and then strain off beans and use that water for germination. This adds natural nutrients and for old seeds this softens the shell covering making it easier for embryo to grow free. The older the seed the harder the shell.

Why does your plant stretch?

You created a light junkie on 18-6, 20-4, 24 on, in veg. When you switch to 12-12, the plant stretches for a light fix.

All of those schedules make no horticultural sense.

Read about 12-1 Lighting Here.

Hashish Tip

When you look at your trichomes, do you see green?

No – you see clear, cloudy, then amber. Then why is your hashish green?

It’s been over processed and plant matter has contaminated the mix.

Marijuana Botany?

There is no such thing as marijuana botany, just botany. This is where the fraud got started by Robert C. Clarke, then Rosenthal and Cervantes. Cannabis grows the same as Chrysanthemums, both short day long night flowering plants The schedules in the grow books are long day short night, completely opposite of how it grows outdoors/ If you had to replicate these long day short night schedules outdoors you would need 2 suns. Wake up zombies, only one who always makes $$$ = PGE.