Our Products are sold as novelty souvenirs, and exotic bird food or fishing bait. These novelty souvenirs may be illegal in some countries or states. Check your local and national laws for compliance. We are not responsible for violation of any local, state or federal laws. It is your responsibility to make sure you are in compliance.

We are not able to give any germination or growing advice, so please do not ask. We will not answer support emails related to germination and growing advice.

Germination of seeds is still illegal in some states. And federally, cannabis growing is in a legal gray area. Be informed before you purchase. By purchasing, you are indicating that you are at least 18 years of age, and are aware of your local laws regarding growing this plant. You also waive any liability against us if you act outside your laws. We are not trying to persuade anyone to break the laws in their state or location.

We can not be held responsible in the event of damage or loss. We would like to be informed in the event that your order is received damaged. But your complaint is with the post office.

Your Responsibilities
It’s your responsibility to give correct shipping information when you submit your order. We use the shipping information you include to address your package for shipment. Your mailing address used at checkout must be deliverable! Do not use an alias or anything that may result in your mail carrier not recognizing you as the recipient.

For payment sent by mail:
1. Make sure your payment is in full, including shipping.
2. If sending money order, make sure you’ve signed it so that it’s cashable.
3. Check, and double-check again that you put our correct address on the envelope you send to us with your payment.

Please Note: Once we have shipped your order, we have completed our service to you.