About Yin Yang Seeds

Yin Yang Seeds = A “Mixed Ratio” of Cannabinoids.

In 2015 we started crossing High CBD genetics into High THC genetics (See “Old School x CBD” & “Polyhybrid x CBD“).

The results were simply amazing. (See the photo below of “Back in Black” = Black Jack x High CBD)

Yin Yang Genetics

So we continued and acquired even more High CBD genetics to blend with High THC genetics – with even more amazing results!

Genetic stability of THC and CBD is extremely difficult and unpredictable. Especially for “Regular” Male / Female genetics.

Creating a “Feminized” lineage is more Stable after 3 generations. In character & CBD Ratios Etc. Amazing really.

But you can’t go Backwards to find a “True Breeding Male”.
If only Feminized genetics are used, It will potentially trigger and pass on a stressor Intersex / Hermie trait. Which we don’t want.

Male Genetics can ADD great things. CBD / Minor Cannabinoids, Hybrid Vigor (Landrace & Hemp Genetics stabilizing a “Hybrid” is what most High CBD Genetics consist of.)

We believe the Re-Introduction of a strong stable Male “Y” genetic can “Overcome” some Hermaphroditic tendencies / other general weaknesses in the Female only “XX” genetics.

*Amazingly, in the “F1” cross it’s pretty uniform between the two parents.

(*See the CBD Breeding Chart for reference.)


Top Right: Abacus in a Hoop House.
Bottom & Right: “Back in Black” = Black Jack Female (Black Domina x Jack Herer) x High CBD Male
(After a Major De-Foliation of the Large fan leaves.)